Cancer Testing Services

early cancer screening using cfDNA/cfRNA from saliva

Instant Cancer Detection

from 26 cancer types

  • 26 types of precancerous lesions and tumors (less than 0.1 cm) can be detected

  • Only 2 ml of saliva is required for accurate cancer detection

  • Painless and non-invasive saliva collection 

  • Detection of mRNA, miRNA overexpression


from 10 cancer types

Instant Cancer Detection

Geneaid Biomedical provides a variety of genetic testing services tailored to your individual needs


Single Cancer Screening

specific cancer gene targeting

Multi-gene mutation detection is used to precisely target specific cancer genes


Cancer Tracking Tests

track cancer cells from specific cancer sites

Instant detection of mutations and expressions of oncogenes using cfDNA/cfRNA technology


Cancer Cell Measurement


Precision detection to accurately determine the number of circulating cancer cells in saliva samples

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