Instant Cancer Detection 

mRNA Expression Detection

when mRNA expression is abnormally increased, the risk of cancer increases

igeneCST™28 (28 Cancer Types)

Suitable Canditates for Testing

  • Healthy people

  • Family members

  • Over worked/hard working employers and employees

  • Anyone experiencing high levels of stress

  • ​Anyone who is 40 or older

cfNA Saliva Detection Technology

  • 28 types of precancerous lesions and tumors (<0.1 cm) can be detected

  • Only 2 ml of saliva is required for accurate cancer detection

  • Painless and non-invasive saliva collection 

  • Detection of mRNA, miRNA overexpression

Technical Advantages

Traditional Cancer Detection

Traditional tumor marker detection evaluates the cancer index by detecting specific proteins in the blood. Detecting only a single tumor marker is not an ideal cancer screening tool due to low sensitivity and specificity.


Enhanced Molecular Level Detection


Simultaneously detecting  20 free mRNAs and miRNAs from saliva or blood by real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR and simultaneous screening of 26 cancer types greatly improves sensitivity and can detect early cancer tumors (<0.1 cm) more effectively.

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