COVID-19 Total Solution

 Fulfill with CE Standard

SYNCstore™ STM

Virus DNA/RNA stabilization and storage fluid

Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit II (Spin-column)

Magnetic Beads Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit II


COVID-19 Detection Kit

Coronavirus Molecular Testing

COVID-19 Detection Kit

V1: Detecting 1 viral target gene and 1 internal control gene.

V2: Detecting 3 viral target genes and 1 internal control gene.

Extremely High Sensitivity: Up to E1 copies (Dynamic Range-9 logs)

Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit II


・ High sensitivity: up to E1 copies

・ Purify virus DNA / RNA in 20 minutes

・ In response to the worldwide outbreak of the severe coronavirus (COVID-19), we had provided more than 30,000 tests of our Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction kits to Wuhan CDC and the Chinese Academy of Science and Virus Room, to help in the virus pandemic detection.

Magnetic Beads Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit II

SYNCstore™ STM

・ Virus/bacteria killing

・ RNA stabilization

・ Sample long term storage up to 4 weeks

・ Room temperature transport

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