cfDNA/cfRNA Extraction Kit

•  Purify cfDNA/RNA within 60 minutes
•  Sample: 1-5 ml of serum or plasma
•  Format: cfDNA/RNA spin columns combined with column extension tubes using vacuum or centrifuge
•  Yield: 1-100 ng of cfDNA/RNA per ml of serum or plasma
•  Elution Volume: 30-50 μl 
•  Applications: qPCR, Next-Generation sequencing and DNA methylation analysis
•  Storage: dry at room temperature (20~25ºC)

cfDNA/cfRNA Extraction Kit



Test Data

cfDNA was extracted from 1 ml of plasma using Geneaid, Brand Q and Brand P cfDNA extraction kits. Sample integrity and quality were tested by qPCR with two primer sets that produce amplicons of 105 and 236 bp fragments in the GAPDH gene. The results showed that the Presto™ cfDNA/RNA Extraction Kit has lower quantitation cycle (Cq) values and can purify cfDNA from plasma samples more efficiently than the competition.

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